Hibachi Reservations. Seven Las Vegas Locations

What industries do you work with?

We work with different industries including, but not limited to Luxury products, Apparel, Technology, Culture and Entertainment.

How does it work?

GrowWithChina uses a flexible yet consolidated 3-steps business development plan to help you overcome your biggest challenges. The language skills and the China related experience of our team ensures we can present you with successful turn-key service solutions, from market research all the way to strategy implementation. First we will have an introductory meeting with you to understand your needs and introduce our services, based on that we will then present you with an official quote.

What does it mean turn-key service solution?

It means we help you from strategy elaboration all the way to strategy implementation including all business development activities such as attendance to a trafe fair, moderation of an event your hosting, contract negotiations, etc.,

What's the difference between your company and another "Consulting firm"?

That's an easy one! We are not consultants, we are business developers. We walk along your side in all the steps of the development plan we designed together with you to make you succeed.

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